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Hiii! My name's Stephanie Tran. I'm a college sophomore, 18. East coast. I'm letting my boat flow man, so whatever happens, happens. I'm just gonna post whatever I feel inside to express myself a bit more. My blogs show a glimpse of what goes on in this life of mine and what makes me smile. Get to know me, nothing to regret (:

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"Oh god, make it stop!" [x]


"Oh god, make it stop!" [x]

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Jimmy reads his favorite fan-submitted #AwkwardBreakup tweets!

"Neither of us knew what to do so we high fived"

That break up ended kind of nice, right? Everyone loves a high five. 

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This is the kind of boyfriend I need.

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I don’t know if I should worry that my little sister looks at me sometimes and timidly asks, “are you sad?”

Are my emotions becoming transparent now? I thought I had it packed down to make a good poker face.

I reassured her that I’m fine.

And thank goodness she’s still young and doesn’t care to read into it. But really…I am fine. I think so at least.

I don’t know. Understanding my emotions is already hard enough for me. So who am I to get upset at for not being able to identify what I’m feeling towards them?

I’m sorry. I just need to get my shit together.

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how to be smooth as hell with your crush

*takes notes*

Omg that’s sooo cute, makes me want to try this : )

mmmmm…. this is cuute buut….. i would be like…

"the fuck i’m holding? you bout to put a roach in my hand bitch? let me see."

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